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BS OHSAS 18001:2007

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Power Instruments is the market leader in remote power management technology. With extensive and deep R & D operations, Power Instruments’ solutions equip companies to meet and exceed their business goals while maximizing energy savings. At Power Instruments, we are committed to sustainable practices and believe in helping others to do the same using our technology.

Power Instruments Pte Ltd has over eighteen years of experience in instrumentation, engine controls, and power management systems for the Marine & Offshore industry. Together with our team of experienced engineers, hundreds of vessels have benefited from the proprietary monitoring system developed by our research and development department.

eGenKit has been installed on a wide range of vessels including AHTS, PSV, crew boats, LCT, containers, tugs and barges, and many more. Owners engage Power Instruments to implement the eGenKit Fuel Monitoring System across their fleets to gain competitive advantage upon realizing and experiencing its tangible benefits which are improved performance, cost control, and profit.



One of the keys to providing a reliable solution lies in the understanding of vessel design. As such, our team of engineers travels extensively for site surveys to provide consultation services. This approach enables us to engage customers meaningfully and ultimately provide a solution that addresses operational challenges effectively.


Depending on requirements, and site and cost considerations, customized solutions can be proposed to strike a fine balance between cost and complexity. By understanding the unique situations that our customers face, we deploy solutions using various instrumentation ranging from Tank Level Gauges, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters, and Positive Displacement Flow Meters to Proximity Sensors.

PI's Vision & Mission


A leader in offering innovative solutions for power and energy optimization


We commit to develop and implement innovative solutions with distinct services for total customer satisfaction

PI's Values


We value and offer personal and career growth opportunities to people who are self- motivated, passionate and take ownership in their daily work.


We adopt proactive and creative mind-set in our daily life in order to achieve optimum results


We adopt open communication, mutual trust and support in committing towards common goals and success